KN95 Masks

No Returns on Mask sold during the Covid-19 Quarantine. All sales final $2.99/Each
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These are KN95 masks that have been imported from China.  We have had to pay outrageous prices to obtain these plus very expensive air cargo rates to get them here quickly.  We have a very limited supply. 

WE MAKE NO PROMISE, GUARANTEE, or WARRANTY that these masks will prevent you from catching any disease or that these give you any level of breathing protection from any hazard. We are not mask or PPE experts we are just trying to help our local and extended community with getting the mask to the folks what want and need them.  

We apologize for the pricing of these KN95 Face Masks. We decided we would try to obtain masks from the open market in order to provide our community and our First Responders with some option other than wearing a cotton t-shirt around their faces.  Under normal circumstances, these masks would cost maybe a dollar.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic prices on masks have skyrocketed. Most of the time you simply can't find any in-stock anywhere. We have not been able to obtain any Made in the USA N95 masks.  We have offered these masks to medical personnel and hospitals as well.  We are also selling some here in an effort to help cops and first responders get the gear they need. KN95 is the Euro equivalent of the American N95.