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6-Panel Masonite Door, 1/6 x 6/8 Right-Hand (RH), Single Unit, (Interior Doors)

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Shop 6-Panel Masonite Door, 1/6 x 6/8 Right-Hand (RH), Single Unit, (Interior Doors)

Are you looking for 6-panel residential interior doors for your home? We’ve provided the best-quality masonite interior door products for the American homes. At Home Improvement Outlet, we are keen on innovative designs, usability, and durability to all interior door products we offer and make your life better by bringing you the best of the best as possible. You can get new 6-panel interior doors that are tough at a much cheaper price. We have 6-panel residential interior doors from top brands with a wide range of styles, designs, prehung or french profiles, and more.

How to choose the right interior door style:
  • Pick an interior door design that will determine the feel and style of your home interior.
  • Choose which way the interior door is to swing. Is it inward swing or outward swing?
  • Select the interior material. Choose from solid wood, MDF, glass doors, or hollow core doors.
  • Choose a door color that will be the right fit with the decor in each room.
  • Frame your interior door with casing. If your door is more ornate and artistic than being in a simple casing will make the door stand out.

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Product Specifications

Interior Door Profile


Interior Door Type

Masonite Door

Door Size & Dimension

1/6 x 6/8

Door Handle

Right-Hand (RH)

Type of Door

6-Panel Masonite Door, Masonite Door, Interior Door

Product Department


Door Jamb

Adjustable Jamb

Door Hinge

Brass Hinge

Door casing

356 Casing