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02980 Painters Tool 6in1

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Product Overview

Offers 6 functions including sharp blade for scraping; putty remover; spreader; 1/2-round cut-out to remove paint from rollers; sharp point to open cracks for patching; and die-cast metal end built-in to set drywall nails. Full tang, high-carbon steel blade, individually ground, polished, mirror-finished, and clear-coated, runs from working edge to nylon Projection-Interlock handle end. Uses Flo-Lock fasteners with fishhook thread for a stronger blade-to-handle hold than conventional rivets.

Key Features

  • Sharp scraper blade
  • Sharp scraper blade
  • Putty remover, spreader
  • Sharp point opens cracks for patching
  • Die-cast metal nail setting end to set drywall nails

Product Specifications

Blade Material

High Carbon Steel

Special Features

2-1/2 in Blade Width, Nylon Handle, 6 Function