Builders Grade

Builders Grade

We know it’s confusing; but its really simple - the manufacturers all have different names to classify their FACTORY SECONDS.

Hardwood Flooring manufacturers use such names to classify their factory seconds as Cabin Grade, Shop Grade or Value Grade. Porcelain Tile manufacturers use the terms SECONDS, B-Grade or Builder Grade.

So what “flaws” can you expect to see from BUILDER GRADE or B-GRADE products? The answer is hard to explain since we never know what the exact flaw is because the manufacturer almost never tells us, and since the product is sealed in cartons it makes it almost impossible to inspect the flooring once it arrives in our warehouse.

We can tell you that we have sold thousands of sq ft of these products with absolutely no complaints. We can also say that you can expect some crayon markings on the face of the tile that the manufacturer uses to mark certain pieces if they feel that something isn’t right on the face of the floor. These crayon markings come off easy with mineral spirits or any tough household cleaner.

The “flaws” should be limited to visual flaws only. We can also say from our customer feedback that any flaws are usually so minor they are barely noticeable. Now once in a while you may get a tile that has some of the pattern missing, but it’s a rare occurrence and that’s where the extra 15-20% comes in play. The structure of the floor should be totally fine, remember its manufactured at the same time as the factory’s first quality merchandise. It should not be broken to the point where it cannot be installed.

Here’s what our customers tell us, they can finish their flooring projects by allowing 15- 20% waste, that doesn’t mean that 80% of the floor will be flawless or have no defect at all. It means they are able to finish their project and they are happy with the finish result.

So why buy Builder Grade or B-Grade Porcelain Tile? The answer is you save a ton of money - up to 50-75% from buying the first quality running line products. Most people think its worth the savings, and they end up with a beautiful floor and have saved hundreds even thousands of dollars.

If you still have any questions, we strongly encourage you to call one of our Flooring Experts during normal business hours at 318-325-3400. They will be able to answer your questions with honesty and professionalism.

Please make sure you inspect these tiles at the time of delivery and make note on the driver’s receipt if you find any tiles that are broken. It is very difficult for us to file claim with the truck lines after the driver has left and you find damaged tiles.